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Virtual Nutrition Counseling-Telehealth

The consultancy aims to teach you mindful eating skills that can be sustained throughout your life.

While researching the most up-to-date academic publications, Nutrition by Merve Team will provide you a top-notch service by following the diet trends in the US and UK.

Anyone who wants to reach their goals easily without compromising their health, anywhere in the world, can benefit from our virtual nutrition consultancy service.

After making your appointment, you will be notified of the details of our service. Some required documents will be requested from you. Four sessions of video calls are planned per month, one session per week.

In our first virtual meeting, a goal is determined in accordance with your expectation from your diet, lifestyle, and health status.

At the end of each week, changes will be made to your nutrition program. Your nutrition program will be followed online by Merve Oğuz.

Please contact us for the details of the program.​


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